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Recorded in the heart of the south, 3BC features Intelligent, sophisticated, and successful business women engaging in real talk on real topics. Be prepared to hear what you've always thought, but never had the courage to say. Tune in to 3BC, the podcast you want to hear!

Feb 19, 2021

Le sigh. This should be obvious but clearly some of y'all need some direction and guidance. Let’s discuss. Check out the latest episodes of 3BC on the Kudzukian App and

Feb 16, 2021

It seems to us that some folks have different ideas about loyalty. Loyalty seems to vary based on the type of relationship and along gender lines. Seems like loyalty is loyalty is loyalty. But not so. We all make these distinctions on some level, at least subconsciously.  

Feb 12, 2021

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, some of yall are losing your mf’n minds. We need you to stop stressing yourselves out. It’s just one day and it’s manufactured. NBD whatsoever. If 2020  and 2020 in a wig (aka 2021) has taught us – or should have – is not to sweat the small stuff and cherish your loved...

Feb 9, 2021

This has to be one of the most horrible, incorrect and challenging double standards out here in these single streets. Men get crowned and lionized. Meanwhile women get accused of seeking an insta-family and gold digging, body shamed for their post baby bodies and generally regarded as less desirable EVEN BY MEN...

Feb 5, 2021

In case you've forgotten, HIV is still a very real and present danger. Especially for the black community.  Black gay men still up a sizeable percentage of new infections and but guess who's next in line after the gay male population? Yes, us. Black women. In part 2, Joy goes one-on-one with Mia Cotton, VP of...