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Recorded in the heart of the south, 3BC features Intelligent, sophisticated, and successful business women engaging in real talk on real topics. Be prepared to hear what you've always thought, but never had the courage to say. Tune in to 3BC, the podcast you want to hear!

May 14, 2021

Many of loves us some manly menz. But there’s some other stuff that comes with that. Joy, Clo and KC the Alchemist discuss what makes a man manly and how much “other stuff” they’re willing to take alongside the manly man. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies and Prince Charming. But are we talking raging chauvinist pig or pig-adjacent or a just a little dab of piggy? We love y'all nonetheless! And PS – emotions and expressiveness don’t make you less of a man! But really ladies just know what you're asking for and stop trying to do the miracle makeover on that brotha. T'aint happenin. Especially at our age.