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Recorded in the heart of the south, 3BC features Intelligent, sophisticated, and successful business women engaging in real talk on real topics. Be prepared to hear what you've always thought, but never had the courage to say. Tune in to 3BC, the podcast you want to hear!

Apr 16, 2021

Love it or not, we’re always rooting for everybody black. No apologies. This time it’s for Cristina McCarter. She is the owner and operator of City Tasting Tours and her post-COVID pivot(s) City Tasting Box and Feast & Graze. We make no secret about the fact that we love food so this chat and tasting was awesome!...

Apr 9, 2021

Big Beautiful Women. It’s a whole thing and a whole movement. Najla gives us her perspective as our resident (very unapologetic) BBW.

Apr 6, 2021

We read an article on Pure Wow by this child psychologist on the things we shouldn’t be saying to our daughters. We’re calling BS on some of it! And of course, the lens through which we see and approach these things changes as black women. It’s just different. Our babies face a different reality in this world....

Apr 2, 2021

First of all, we have to walk back our defense of the monumental F-Boi narcissist that is Derrick "Jaxn." Lawd. But never mind him. We are watching a mental health crisis live and in living color and it's no joking matter. (Even though some of the stuff she is saying is indeed ridiculously hilarious). This woman is not...